Audit of financial statements according to IFRS/IAS and NSSMSE

Independent financial audit is performed by the partners in company – registered auditors Diana Kiskinova, CPA and Svetla Lambreva, CPA.

The process of audit is in accordance with the International Standards of Audit \ISA\. It includes definite objects of accounting, covering the entire activity of our clients during the year.
The audit of annual financial statements includes various tests and procedures in order to examine the evidences verifying the amounts and disclosures within the financial statements.
The audit includes an evaluation of the applicable accounting concepts and material discretion of company’s management.
The focus is on review and assessment of accounting systems and internal controls
The audit’s main goal is to give an opinion regarding the financial statements rendered as a whole.
All our findings are subject of discussion between us and auditee’s management.
We carry out compilation of financial information, agreed – upon procedures engagements, special purpose audits and financial due diligence
The confidentiality of our client’s information is guaranteed.

Our team is experienced in audit of international projects.

Accounting services and business consultancies

  • Preparation of accounting records
  • Preparation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS and/or NSSMSE.
  • Performance of an audit in order to take advice about operating activity’s matters. The audit includes evaluation of the existing environment, procedures and actions for internal control. On this review’s basis certain recommendations are prepared with the purpose of overall control system improving.
  • Accounting Consultancies
  • Financial Analysis and Due Diligence
  • Economic Analysis and Forecasts
  • Cost Determination Methods
  • Consulting on the appropriate accounting software and its implementation
  • Training and appraisal of accounting staff
  • Payroll data processing

Consultations on adopting of appropriate accounting policy

Tax Advice

  • Legal employment, incl. taxation of foreign citizens
  • Consultancies with respect to Convention on Avoidance of Double Taxation implementation
  • Tax Optimization
  • Revenue consultations
  • Tax-title
  • TAX procedure and shelter
  • Preventive tax audits
  • Work out tax strategies and consult the tax planning of Bulgarian and foreign companies as an instrument for their effective management under the conditions of the Bulgarian market
  • Work out projects for optimizing the tax treatment and minimizing the tax risk when making investments or separate deals, as well as during the implementation of the company’s activities